Little Miracles International accepts parents of flexible ages. The program is open to married couples. There is no limitation of children already living at home with the adoptive family. The family must meet United States Immigration requirements as well as provide a complete dossier of paperwork to Ukrainian officials. There is no official maximum age limit for the adoptive parents. Ukraine officials will look at each situation on a case-by-case basis, however like to keep the age of the youngest parent and the child with a 45 year difference.


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Both parents must travel once to Ukraine and on to the region where the child resides, and must attend court proceedings for the adoption. You will travel typically within 5-12 months of submitting your dossier to LMI. You will travel usually by air to Kiev and the facilitator makes all in-country travel arrangements overseas. Some regions are more adoption friendly than others, and the facilitator will assist you. Please expect travel delays in this program. The immigration visa interview at the end of the trip is conducted in Kiev. Travel is usually 30-45 days in length, this can be done in two trips. As a general rule, the judge’s decision is announced and issued the day of the hearing. However, it does not take effect for ten days.

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Once the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) receives the application and dossier of the family, the documents will be registered. The MOJ right now has a number of dossiers in queue and is taking much longer. You will receive a photo, medical. You will have a month to accept this referral. If you accept a child this child will be put on “hold”. This means that the child is not available to anyone else while all of the paperwork is being processed. Parents are responsible for registering the child with the Ukrainian Consulate in the country of residence within one month after adoption, and for sending yearly updates to the Ukrainian Consulate until the child is 18 years of age. The child will retain Ukrainian citizenship until they are 18 years of age, at which time they can decide for themselves. They will hold US citizenship as well in a dual fashion.





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Ukraine Adoption Program

This program is best suited to families who are very flexible about gender, age and health conditions. Usually you can travel to receive your child in about 5-12 months after your dossier is submitted to LMI, depending on your appointment with the Ukraine State Department for Adoption and Protection of Children’s Rights (SDAPCR) Other factors that are taken into consideration with the time frame are: age, gender and health criteria as outlined in your homestudy.

Children Available

Children 5 years and up. Generally most of the children are boys. The available children live in different regions, in orphanages, with facilitators and translators to assist, translate and accompany you when you travel to the regions. The ethnic background of most of the children available is Ukrainian or Russian-Caucasian, however, occasionally Gypsy, Tatar and Asian children are available. The children must stay on a national database for 12 months allowing their own family members or other Ukrainian families to come forth and adopt them. After this period of time, these children will be available for international adoption. Sibling groups are sometimes available in Ukraine. The children are generally in good health, with the exception of some having minor special needs and some of them will be considered developmentally delayed due to time in the orphanage. Infants and children younger than 5 years can be considered, however their medical conditions must be listed on the National Ministry of Public Health Protection list for the registry requirement to be waived. You will be given medical and photos at the SDAPRC in Kiev, usually will be given about 1-3 referrals, and will travel to the region of the child to meet in person. This is a special program providing the family an opportunity to be able to interact with the child before the referral decision is made. The adoption process moves rather quickly if you want to adopt senior orphan children over 10.

Selecting A CHild

You select your child once you are in the country. Then after you have selected your child, you proceed with the adoption.

Your child is given a physical examination, including blood work, while in the orphanage. Once in country, if you think that you may want to adopt a particular child, his/her medical records and picture can be e-mailed or faxed to an international medical clinic in the United States so that the child can be further evaluated, or the child can be examined by an American physician in Ukraine. All of these evaluations will increase your time in country, however.

The conditions in the Ukrainian orphanages are usually good and the children are stimulated and well cared for, however this varies from orphanage to orphanage. Typical orphanage delays should be considered however and many of the children have not received proper nutrition during their little lives. Some orphanages are much better than others.

Sibling Adoptions

The fee related to the second child is greatly reduced. There are sibling groups available, however, they will most likely be older groups. Ukraine does not permit the adoption of 2 unrelated children, unless parents submit two dossiers and make an additional trip or two to Ukraine for the second child as a separate adoption.


Overseas Fees include:

  • Verification of Dossier, translation and approval of documents
  • Legal fees for notaries and submission of documents
  • Presentation of documents to State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) of Ukraine
  • Driver and interpreter for all court dates and legal necessities,
    airport pickup and drop-off
  • Letter of invitation and registration in Ukraine
  • Faxes, phones calls and e-mails necessary to US and Ukraine
  • Interpreter to accompany and escort in Ukraine

Fees are non-refundable. Application fee upon application to LMI. A small portion of the agency fees are due up front and the remainder of the fees are due upon submission of the dossier. A small translating fee is due with the dossier, the rest of the foreign fee is paid to the interpreter/facilitator and will be based on your travel stay. For Fee information please contact our office or fill out our info request form.

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A private listing of all children ready for adoption. All families who have filled out an application with LMI, families who are USCIS and home study approved will receive login access. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing our children ready to go home.

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