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    Why must we travel to get our child in an International Adoption?

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    All the countries have laws in place regarding international adoption. Most of these laws require parents to be present in the court proceedings presided by the county judges. Many U.S. state laws also require the parents to see the child before adoption, these are called pre-adoptive requirements and you should check to see what your states’ pre-adoptive requirements are before beginning an adoption. The length of travel is dependent on the country’s laws.

    What are costs for Inter-Country Adoption?

    The cost to adopt internationally on average is around $30,000.00 total costs, about the same or less than adopting a child or infant domestically.    These fees are not paid in one lump sum to the agency, but usually paid as you move along in the adoption process.  The Hague has brought many educational requirements for not only the adoptive family but the Agency Staff.   There are enormous Accreditation and Licensing costs for the adoption agency.  Consider just the overhead of operating an office. Multiply that by 2 because you will be dealing with at least 2 offices with business expenses, legal staff and operating staff. Then you have drivers and transportation on behalf of yourself as your foreign provider runs around doing pre adoptive paperwork. Sometimes they have to travel great distances to file paperwork and get the ball rolling. Agencies spend as much money on fed-ex and communication with the US based office. Office supplies are more expensive and harder to come by overseas in some areas.  The dossier is many pages and takes translator hours of non-stop work to translate and type. The costs overseas are numerous and add up. The services that the family pays for are well worth all that is paid; yet the amounts are sometimes out of the agency control. . To maintain licensing and provide high quality services, adoption agencies have to cover all operating expenses and provide a sufficient reserve as required by federal and state law and reserve funds for emergencies or problems. In addition you will have travel expenses, home study expenses, Immigration processing expenses and document gathering costs.    This is just a very brief overview of expenses

    Why does foreign adoption take so long?

    Adoption laws are in place to protect both family and child here and abroad. There is no room for exceptions when it comes to adoption law and all legal matters are to be followed by the book according to the law of the country you are adopting from. There are two governments and sometimes three governments if you live overseas, that will be involved in the adoption of your child, so the process becomes a very tedious affair. Many times there is an additional Adoption Ministry or Central Authority that will have steps that lengthen the process.

    What is our first step to start a homestudy?

    You will need to fill out an inquiry on the LMI website. Your intake form will be reviewed then accepted.   Then the contract process will begin.   All of the paperwork you need will be located in our adoption portal.  Once you have contracted and provided to LMI all the paperwork, the background clearances have been done, the homestudy can be scheduled.  The home study assesses your ability to handle the stresses of adoption and parent the child, and provides proof that you are physically, emotionally and financially healthy and stable in your relationship. There will be specific documents you must gather for the homestudy and may also require that you be fingerprinted and run through the child abuse and background registry.

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