Making an impact

Little Miracles International was founded by Lori Scott in 1999 after a problem-free Romanian adoption of a beautiful 4.5 year old girl in 1998.

“My life was so profoundly changed at what I saw and experienced in Romania and on the various other mission trips I had been to in other countries. I loved the idea of helping others to adopt and at the same time also founded a non-profit humanitarian organization. All of this came quickly after we returned from our adoption. I could never get the children out of my thoughts. I HAD TO do something!”

It was going to take a miracle to help ALL these children.  God called this mother to do more. If one person could help one child find their forever family, assist in medical, nutritional and emotional development, or support in prayer, many children would find their Little Miracle.  Since our adoption journey in 1998, our agency has grown by leaps and bounds!

Our Team

new mother with adopted daughters


international adoption

We believe that every family and every adoption is unique. Our values and agency are based on adoptive parent experience in international adoption. Every family has a right to be involved and educated in their own adoption journey and we strive to provide superior services to our families, before, during and after the adoption. You will not be alone during this journey, we will be with you and assist you, cry with you, laugh with you and celebrate with you when you are a forever family.


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