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Intercountry Adoption and Covid-19 Update

Our agency previously posted a Covid-19 update on 3/16/2020 which you can read here.

4/7/2020 We wanted to reach out to all of our families, seasoned and new.   We are working hard to keep adoptions moving forward for our existing and new families because we know with unflinching certainty that children around the world ARE waiting for families no matter what.

Consultation and Intake for New Clients

Little Miracles (LMI) continues to be able to hold consultations with prospective families, and assess new intake forms and answer all of your adoption questions.   Thankfully, our intake process has been paperless for over a decade, and is self-paced from the comfort of your home in our interactive portal!

Daily Operations of LMI

All Little Miracles staff are telecommuting at this time.   Some of our team has always telecommuted. What makes this situation different?  All families are also home telecommuting now. Spouses are working from home, children are remote learning and need supervision.   The LMI staff requests patience and understanding as there may be delays in some responses, or shifts in hours to accommodate this. This seems to be constantly changing at this time.

Mail and package courier is currently still being delivered to the LMI office.  Once it arrives, it is being disinfected thoroughly prior to being processed. Some of our packages arriving from overseas we have tracked to alternate routes traveling over 7 countries and multiple US cities!   For the safety of the LMI staff retrieving and processing mail, we are cleaning packages as they arrive.

NOTE:  If you are sending mail to the LMI office, please send express mail on a Monday or Tuesday so it doesn’t have to sit in a vehicle or warehouse over a weekend.   All mail currently is being left at our office without signature. LMI has seen extreme delays in delivery of the mail at this time.

At the moment, an essential LMI staff  member is going to the office a minimum of 2 times during the week to process mail, to create mail out packages to deliver mail from our office to couriers and USPS letters and to do normal banking.


Families can work on their home study paperwork  in the portal. Families can take required education from their home computers for the intercountry home study.    All documents can easily be uploaded to our user-friendly adoption portal. Currently, some states are not conducting background checks but LMI  will continue to monitor that, and be in touch with your social worker. Unfortunately, at this time, in-person home visits are unable to be completed, however, if approved, you may be able to do a remote-video visit with your social worker to get the process started.   When there is an all-clear, the social worker can come to do the home visit and finalize the home study. Please contact LMI to see if this can work for your family.

USCIS I800A / I600A or I800 / I600

USCIS is continuing to receive applications and petitions, and queue them up for review at this time.   Families are not being allowed to attend face-to-face biometric fingerprints at this time. LMI receives regular updates from USCIS, and will keep all families posted.

Dossier Paperwork

Nearly all countries require time-sensitive dossier paperwork to be turned into their central adoption authorities.  At this time, nearly all central adoption authorities worldwide are not accepting dossiers, as their employees are also telecommuting.   Because of this, LMI will not start new dossiers with families at this time.   We understand that it seems very efficient to use this time to do this, but we want to eliminate you doing a dossier twice, or maybe a third time in some countries.   In addition, many states are currently not authenticating documents.


Central Adoption Authorities worldwide are not able to provide new referrals at this time, as they are all closed.   However, if you do see a waiting child that you become interested in, please do let LMI know. Our partners worldwide are continuing to communicate with us daily, and knowing that you may be interested in committing to a child at this time, there are steps we can take to see if it’s a good fit for you (if you are a qualified family).

We also ask that families use this time while waiting for referral as we always suggest…additional education in the form of webinars, and by talking with your coordinator to prepare for your child when the world is healthy again!


Families are unable to travel at this time.  We will keep families notified when this changes in each country.

Post Adoption

For families recently home, your social worker may be allowed to conduct post adoption visits via remote video technology, rather than in person.  LMI does ask that you continue to keep your post-adoption obligations, they just may look different from before. Each state and country will have separate requirements.  Please contact LMI for information:

Stay in Touch!

If you are just starting, in the middle of intercountry adoption or already home in the post adoption process, your dedicated team at Little Miracles International  is here to help you and will continue to be in touch with you directly about any specific issues that may affect your situation.

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On behalf of our staff and our Board of Directors, we wish you health and safety as you navigate these uncharted waters.


Lori Scott, Executive Director

Little Miracles International, Inc.