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Adoption Journeys

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Happy LMI Family!

The Fallon Adoption Story

We began our adoption journey around Christmas time 2004. After a couple of years of trying to conceive naturally, we decided to focus our efforts towards adoption from Guatemala.

Our local agency, Lutheran Family Services, referred us to Little Miracles, International. After getting through the mounds of paperworkJ, we received the referral for a little boy in August of 2005. Unfortunately, that case did not work out. However, Little Miracles was determined to help us build our forever family. We received a referral for our now daughter in September 2006, just days after her birth.

We quickly made a visit trip and signed our power of attorney. What a doll! We got to visit with her foster mom as we treated her to dinner. We were fortunate that everything went very smoothly with her paperwork, and the hardest part was the wait. However, to make that wait easier, we were lucky to receive regular photos and health/development reports. We treasured receiving those emails.

Happy LMI Family!

Happy LMI Family!

The best call came in February that our case was approved by PGN (Guatemala’s attorney general’s office). We rushed around trying to get ready, thinking we were all ready before, but not!

We traveled to pick up little Isabel on Easter weekend. We spent a week down there, and we were glad we did. It gave us a chance to get to know her without excited family and friends around. They could wait!! We were able to keep them updated via email from our hotel.

While we thought we would go swimming and possibly do some sight-seeing, we quickly changed our minds and spent quiet days in the hotel room just playing and bonding with our new daughter. It was a learning curve for all of us, and a great experience. We of course are still adjusting, but it has been an incredible adventure with her.

We thank LMI for helping create our forever family. Feel free to contact us with questions about adopting from Guatemala.

Liz and Tim Fallon, parents of Isabel