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Surprise! Adoption! The Barsalou Family Story

Surprise! Adoption! The Barsalou Family Story

Surprise! In April of 2002, we were blessed with the arrival of our adopted son, Erick Michael Barsalou. For many, this was a big surprise. Ronald and I kept our adopted adventure to ourselves, waiting for the day when we could announce the “big arrival”. Our journey was a very long road, full of emotional ups and downs, as with all adoptive families. In 2000, we began the process of adopting a child, we only knew that we wanted to adopt a young boy and at first, we looked into adopting a child from Romania. Our paperwork was completed in October 2000; however, no sooner did our dossier arrive in Romania, the government put a temporary stop on all international adoptions. For months, we waited for a phone call, one day the adoptions would be back on track, the next day they stopped. Finally, in June of 2001, our adoption coordinator called and said that Romania had officially stopped all international adoptions and we needed to find another country to adopt from. Quickly, we looked into the qualifications of other countries, and Guatemala fit us exactly.

We re-did all of the mounds of paperwork again and in October, our dossier was in Guatemala – and then we waited!

On December 12, 2001; our adoption coordinator called and gave us the news “it’s a boy” he was born on December 9; a healthy baby boy! During Christmas last year, we gave our family the news – along with a picture of Erick.

On April 28th, Ronald and I flew down to Guatemala, the next day, in a beautiful hotel lobby room; Erick was put in our arms. We all flew home on May 1st.

Nicole is a wonderful big sister, she loves her brother dearly. Our lives are crazy now, but we are enjoying every single second!

Needless to say, our Christmas that year had a very special meaning – our first Christmas as a family of four! We hope you will be as blessed as we are this season! I thank God everyday that we have been blessed with him. This year, he particularly enjoyed Santa – it was so great to see the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes!

Our family continues to offer support to couples who cannot have children,
when they see how happy we are with our adopted son, new doors open up for them which they may not have even considered before. Erick is a true joy, he’s so happy – always laughing and smiling, and his sister, Nicole, is still enjoying every minute with him. He loves everyone!

Thank you again for all of the support you have given to us – and we’re here for anyone else that is considering adoption.

If you would like more information about adoption in Guatemala, Write to the Barsalou Family

Terry, Ronald, Nicole and Erick Barsalou