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Adoption Journeys

A Mother’s Journey to Kazakhstan, The Osborne Adoption Story


I returned from Semey, Kazakhstan with my adorable son, Noah, on November 27, 2007. My adoption experience, in partnership with Little Miracles International, was nothing short of … perfectly and professionally managed by the agency … and beautifully life-changing for myself and Noah!

My adoption process with Little Miracles began in early 2007. Any adoption can put future parents on an emotional roller coaster, but Little Miracles did all the right things to keep me grounded, prepared, and excited about the possibility ahead!

Noah in the orphanage

Noah in the orphanage

From the agency’s advice in the collection of my dossier paperwork to the many conference calls in relation to preparations for travel, to the timely return phone calls and consistent answers to my many questions … Little Miracles would receive an A+ in the important role they played in my adoption of Noah.

Noah growing and thriving, 2008

Until I was “in country,” I had no idea of the other half of Little Miracles, their associates in Kazakhstan, that was so hard at work on my behalf. The facilitation staff in Almaty and Semey were flawless! One feels quite vulnerable landing in a foreign country … especially when you are physically exhausted, your heart if so full, your emotions are on your sleeve … as you are anticipating meeting your future child. But the staff overseas takes you under their wing. They protect you, see to your comfort, and reassure you. They are professional and take their jobs very seriously. In Semey, I was particularly impressed. Because of the teamwork there, the driver the interpreter, the coordinator … I was never left a moment without a need fulfilled. These three worked tirelessly … both in my presence and behind the scenes. I will always remember each of them and forever be grateful … beyond what words can express.

The orphanage caretakers in Semey were loving and caring toward the children. The kindhearted orphanage director maintained a clean and well run facility and showed genuine love toward the children there. When I arrived in Semey, Noah was in isolation with a respiratory infection. At 10 months old, he still could not sit up by himself. He was underweight and seemed rather weak. By the end of my required bonding period, he seemed like a completely different little boy! He could sit up, was starting to crawl, had cut his first 4 teeth, was laughing, babbling, interacting, and showing signs of attachment! It was just amazing and yes, “my little miracle.”

Lastly, I want to sing the praises of Andrea Jacobs, my LMI case manager. She was the voice of Little Miracles and the person that I credit getting me to Kazakhstan to find this one particular, precious, little one. Andrea showed great sensitivity through out the process. She is professional, dependable, timely, and honest. She also has a great sense of humor … when sometimes that was just what I needed! My love and appreciation for Andrea is and always will be huge! To all who were involved, know that you are God’s hands and feet … and He is using you daily to change lives in the most beautiful ways imaginable!

I chronicled my adoption journey in my blog titled, “A Mother’s Journey to Kazakhstan.” For those of you interested in Kazakhstan adoption, I believe it will help you understand and prepare for what lies ahead in your own journey.

With a heart full of appreciation!

Jayne Osborne
Gainesville, GA