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Adopting from Russia, Latin America, China!
A Language and Parenting Guide
(Direct from author, CD, see description below orderform)

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**IMPORTANT!** Please mark which language set(s) you need.

_____ Adopting From RUSSIA,copyright 1999&2002 by T.Kelleher

_____ RUSH Into English, c 2003 by T.Kelleher (English for Russian kids)

_____ BOTH Adopting From Russia & RUSH Into English (Save $11 - see below)

_____ Adopting From LATIN AMERICA(SPANISH) c 2001&2002 by T.Kelleher

_____ Adopting From CHINA--MANDARIN c 2002 by T.Kelleher

_____ Easing the Transition(this info included in lang.sets;
           order ONLY if adopting from a place other than Russia, China, Lat.Amer.
           ($9.95 + s/h)

Mark below the option you prefer, and send this form along with personal or bank check made out to 'TLC.'

(Please notice the *savings* if you order both English/Russian and Russian/English at the same time.)

_____ $50.50 total for *CD* and handbook(s)
Priority U.S.Mail
($44.95 plus $5.55 s/h)
_____ $90.00 *SAVE*by ordering both
Adopting From Russia and RUSH Into English
at the same time!
(You save $11. I pay Prior.U.S.Mail s/h.)
_____ $63.50 total for CD/handbook set
Global Priority U.S.Mail
s/h to the UK ($44.95 plus $18.55 s/h)
_____ $68.50 total for CD/handbook set
FedEx Overnight
($44.95 plus $23.55 FedEx s/h in the US)
_____ $123.00 total for 2 CD/handbook sets
FedEx Overnight
($90.00 plus $33.00 FedEx s/h in the US)
_____ $78.50 (US dollars) for each CD/handbook set
FedEx International
($44.95 plus customs charge plus $29.55 s/h) to CANADA
_____ $2.25 tax per set ARIZONA RESIDENTS ONLY. Thank you.

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Russian - English for Russion Children - Mandarin - Spanish
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    Tender Loving Communications. PO Box 90, Taylor, Arizona 85939-0090
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Referred by: Little Miracles International Adoption Bookstore
URL: http://www.littlemiracles.org    Email: books@littlemiracles.org

The author will donate a portion of this sale to Little Miracles International so
you must use this form for our orphanage project to get credit.  Little Miracles
International thanks you for your order and donation to the children!

This CD is essential for those adopting any age child!!!!

This CD set contains:

  • Useful phrases in Russian, Spanish, Mandarian and English suitable for young children.
  • Supplemental vocabulary with pronunciations written and on cassette.
  • Ideas for waiting, travel, enhancing bonding and decreasing frustration as a new parent.
  • No time consuming learning of complicated letters.
  • Chapters include: Speaking and Pronunciation, Vocabulary (With Hosts,  When you meet your child, Early days together, In the bathroom, food and drinks, clothing, on the train, on the plane, numbers and colors, other helpful terms) Easing the transition, Resources for Adopting, Orphange Donation items and a Personal bio of the author.

    The author is a linguist and has taught English as a Second Language for 20 years. Her family adopted a son from Russia in 1997, who came home to live in Arizona with his new mommy, daddy and two sisters. This project is a labor of this mother's love for her child, international adoption and the Russian culture and people. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER BOTH "ADOPTING FROM" and EASING THE TRANSITION as it is included in this package.

The author will donate a portion of this sale to Little Miracles International so
you must use this form for our orphanage project to get credit.  Little Miracles
International thanks you for your order and donation to the children!

What's included:

  • language CD of adoption-specific terms
  • language handbook(s)
  • cultural info
  • tips for Waiting, Travel, Enhancing bonding, and Productive parenting pointers

Topics covered: (on CDs in ALL languages):
When you meet your child, In the bathroom, On the plane, Food and drinks, With your hosts, and Other helpful terms. (All info is in one handbook in the Russian set; in the Mandarin and Spanish sets, lang. info is in a separate handbook from the other info.) Pertinent cultural information is presented as well.

Sample phrases: 'This is for you.' 'Sit down, please.' 'Good job!' 'Which one do you want?' 'It's time to wash hands.' 'I love you.' 'Do you want to play?' 'Everything will be alright.' (These or similar phrases appear on ALL the language CDs and are spelled phonetically in the handbooks to help you with pronunciation).

Parents are able to understand much of what their children say because of their anguage study in the months before they travel.

"Our hosts were impressed that we were able to talk to and interact with our son from 'Day 1.' You can have the same advantage!"