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Primary Provider Services Adoption Program
last updated: 08/30/18

Under the UAA (Universal Accreditation Act), adoption service providers working with prospective adoptive parents in non-Convention (non-Hague) adoption cases need to comply with the same accreditation requirement and standards that apply in Convention adoption (Hague) cases.

Primary Provider services for Non-Hague Countries will be considered on a case by case basis. Each case will go through a thorough review process. Little Miracles provides Adoption Homestudy Services in all cities and areas of Texas, Mexico, and many countries in the world.

You need Primary Provider Services if you are in the following situations:
  • You are seeking to adopt a relative from a country where no US Adoption service providers have current country programs, or it is an LMI program, or you have completed an adoption already in the country. You now will need a homestudy and a Primary Provider agency.
  • You have already adopted a child from another country independently and now you find yourself needing a homestudy and a Primary Provider agency.
  • You are seeking to adopt a child from a country that you have a specific connection to such as a relative adoption, and possibly are no other providers that have this program.

What does a “primary provider” do in an international adoption?
A primary provider is a Hague Accredited or Approved Adoption Service Provider (ASP) that is responsible for your international adoption. The ASP must ensure that all of the Hague requirements, and now the Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 (UAA) requirements, are met. The UAA requires that there is a Primary Provider in ALL international adoptions by U.S. citizens now.

There seems to be some confusion among those that have begun international adoptions independently about the role of the primary provider under the UAA. The adoption service provider/adoption agency you choose becomes your “Primary Provider.” This means that the agency must oversee your adoption to ensure compliance with the UAA, even if the adoption has been completed. The UAA extends the same safeguards provided in Hague Convention adoptions to ALL adoptions. This means that any family intending to bring a child into the US through adoption, including related children, must engage the services of an accredited or approved adoption service provider prior to completing an adoption, even relative or kinship adoptions.


This program ONLY accepts Tanzanian National families that have adopted and wish to retain a Primary Provider Adoption Agency to assist them in homestudy and Primary Provider services so they may immigrate their child to the US.

This program ONLY accepts Tanzanian National families adopting orphan relatives, called kinship adoption or those families who have completed an adoption in Tanzania of their orphaned relative.

This program ONLY accepts expat, missionary families, those working and doing business while living in Tanzania. Those families typically follow the Tanzanian adoption process then they will proceed to hire Little Miracles to complete their Primary Provider Services and finalize the US Visa through USCIS.

Little Miracles International is able to conduct international home study services and Primary Provider services for U.S. Citizens, Tanzanian Nationals with US Citizenship, Expat Families and some Foreign Citizens living abroad who have adopted in Tanzania already.


This program accepts families who have adopted their orphan relative and have completed their adoption. The child must meet orphan qualification status for USCIS.

These are just a couple of examples of families Little Miracles is willing to assess to see if LMI can work with your family.

Little Miracles has conducted home studies for:
  • U.S. military families worldwide,
  • Federal civilian employees, including U.S. State Department Foreign Service, and Department of Defense teachers and employees,
  • Business families overseas working with foreign and U.S. companies,
  • Diplomats
  • Missionaries and international school teachers,
  • Non-United States citizens in special cases
  • U.S. Expatriates ExPats living abroad,
  • Teachers,
  • short and long-term workers (typically US citizens)

Eligibility Requirements

Nationality — One adopting parent must be a U.S. citizen. For most countries in which primary provider services are being sought, one parent would be a national from that country.
Age — Minimum age is 25. There is no age limit. Our guideline is there should be no more than a 45 year age difference between the child and the youngest parent. In relative adoptions, individual circumstances are considered.
Marital Status — If the country allows, single applicants are permitted. When permitted, it is often limited to single females. If married, our guidelines are to be married at least one year, or evidence of established relationship. The country’s requirements for the length of marriage may be longer.
Income — 125% over the poverty guidelines and Financial stability.
Health — Good health without medical concerns.
Family Composition — All adults and children in the home must be interviewed in for the home study. Adults will be required to get clearances.
Country Requirements — Must met the requirements of the country adopting from.

LMI has a long track record of working with Foreign Residing overseas Adoptive Families and understand the complexities of these cases.

LMI will work with Non-US Citizens on a case by case and country by country basis. Not all Foreign-residing and overseas non-US Citizens can adopt with Little Miracles.

Little Miracles is Hague Accredited and is licensed in the State of Texas with employees around the world to serve our families.

Little Miracles will assess each case to see if we can indeed work with your family as a Primary Provider. LMI requires families to fill out an intake form, and upload all documents pertaining to any ongoing or completed adoption case. There will be a nominal fee required for this service.

LMI will assist families with immigration process.

The best interests of any child are paramount in adoption. LMI cannot guarantee a match or placement. However, we encourage you to complete your home study and immigration application, under our supervision, and when qualified to adopt we will advise the foreign authorities and/or immigration through petition, of your readiness.

FOR MORE INFO IF TO SEE IF YOUR FAMILY QUALIFIES: Adoptive Family needs to go to Visit This Link and fill out our information request form with as much detail as possible, and wait to be contacted with further instructions. Your Family will then receive a login and password via email to our online adoption portal and will be presented with tasks waiting for you to complete.