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Tanzania - ON HOLD Adoption Program
last updated: 08/02/17


PILOT PROGRAM STATUS: A pilot program is a new program that has had a low or limited number of families adopt through it. For families in this program it is suggested families possess the following: flexibility, adventurous, upbeat attitude when facing delays, tolerant of the risks involved. A family that has had some international travel experience, particularly to African nations would be a blessing for this program! We are accepting a very limited number of families. All time frames are estimated and may go far beyond those estimates due to this being a pilot program.

CHILDREN AVAILABLE: Children from 9 months-15 years of age are available. Both boys and girls are available for adoption. Sibling groups and older children are available. Generally healthy and some special needs children are available. Children reside in orphanage care in Arusha, Tanzania. There are sibling groups of only two children allowed to be adopted at one time.

ADOPTIVE PARENTS REQUIREMENTS: Parents must be at least 25 years old. There can be no criminal or arrest history for either parent. Prospective adoptive parents must be at least 21 years older than the child. Married Couples are allowed to adopt. Couples preferred to be married for a minimum of 1 year at the time of dossier submission. Single Parents are not allowed to adopt. Adoptive Parents must be in good health and be able to show sufficient income to parent the child. There are no restrictions regarding the number of other children in the home. LMI can work with families living outside the US, however this is on a case-by-case basis.

TRAVEL: This program requires 2-3 trips.
• TRIP ONE: Both parents must travel to meet the child, get to know the child, receive referral information from the Social Welfare Ministry, sign the court petition to be filed with the court to proceed. This trip will be 1.5-2 weeks in duration.
• TRIP TWO: Both parents must travel and attend court, however it is possible for only one parent remain in country with the child, while one returns to the US after the court is conducted and while paperwork is done for the child’s visa interview. If taking only two trips, this last trip could be up to 5 weeks.
• TRIP THREE (optional may be possible with two trips): If the family would like, they can both return home after court and finish up paperwork with a third trip.

REFERRALS: 3-6 months is a typical time frame after USCIS approval travel to learn more about a child and receive a referral. To receive the referral of the child the family must travel to the country to meet the child and learn more about the child's history and investigative report. Families will be matched with a child available for adoption through the Social Welfare Ministry and will receive a photo, and very brief social and medical information on that child. Typical delays seen with orphans are expected, however, with the state of economy the children are undernourished, some have parasites and other treatable conditions and children usually go without proper medical care typically prior to arrival at the orphanage.

TIME FRAME: Once a family has been approved and their dossier of paperwork is submitted and registered in the country, the time frame varies but typically should be a process that is about 5-12 months from the date of the first travel and petition to court. Once a potential match is presented, and family has homestudy and immigration approval, a travel date will be set for the first trip and will be imminent. The family will return and then wait to be docketed in court for the legal proceeding then process through the US Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for the orphan investigation and US Visa process. Time frames are just estimates at this point.

THE PROCESS: Families must receive a referral and complete an adoption process in Tanzania in which they must reside in Tanzania for 3 years before adopting a child. NOTE: This residency requirement can be waived in cases where the applicant is a Tanzanian citizen or the High Court of Tanzania determines an adoption by non-Tanzanians to be “in the best interests of the child” (Tanzania Law of the Child, Article 74, Section 2).

POST PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS: Post adoption requirements are dependent upon Tanzania court justice ruling.