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Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.
~Elizabeth Stone~
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Belize Adoption Program
last updated: 09/22/15

Our Belize Program information is to be posted soon. Our Belize Program is OPEN!

FOR INFO: Adoptive Family needs to go to Visit This Link and fill out our information request form. Someone will contact you!

Modern-day Belize is the most sparsely populated nation in Central America. It compares with the state of Massachusetts in size. About a quarter of the people live in Belize City.

Belizeans are multiracial. About half of the population is mixed Mayan and European descent called Mestizo; a quarter are of African and Afro-European ancestry, called Creole; about ten percent are Mayan and about 6 percent are Afro-Amerindian, called Garifuna. The remainder includes European, Chinese, East Indian, Middle Eastern and North American populations. Functional literacy is 76%. School is compulsory for nine years. The average per capita annual income is $3,650.

Belize has made tourism a priority and taken a leadership role in creating sanctuaries for endangered wildlife and plants, and for marine and archaeological reserves.

Belize is characterized as a country where racial harmony and religious tolerance are manifest. The people are warm and gracious, like people through the Caribbean. Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, other Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai and Rastafarian religions all contribute to Belize’s spiritual identity.

English is the official language. Creole and Spanish are also commonly spoken. The Garifuna, Mayas and Mennonites each speak their own language, as well.