Children are our most valuable natural resource. ~Herbert Clark Hoover~
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General Information
Child ID:301
Gender: boy
DOB: 2013-04-14 (6 years old)
Country: Eastern Europe
Status: Forever Family Found

Child has Special Needs
(medical/physical or Developmental)

Alvin is a beautiful toddler, who is living in a foster home. He has a very healthy emotional relationship with them.

He has the following diagnoses (but read on to see how he's doing!): infantile cerebral palsy (weak muscle tone in all four limbs), bilateral pes cavus (high arch of the feet), and delayed development. He will be fitted for orthopedic shoes in early 2016. His birth mother had mental delay.

This little guy moves around freely by crawling, and scoots around in his scooter. He's doing a great job with a lot of help! His foster mom takes him to therapies daily (which he enjoys), and reinforces it at home, so he's getting a great foundation.

Alvin is vocalizing well. He repeats syllables (“ma”, “ta”, “dya”) and he uses them appropriately so as to refer to the foster mom, dad, and granddad. He has recently started using the word “bob” (beans). He uses gestures such as pointing at things or pulling so as to direct adults’ attention. He responds to being called by name. He makes good eye contact.

We have updated videos, photos, and info! Please contact us at if you feel this little one could be yours :)

Family Information

Families With Children Allowed
Parents Over 45 Allowed
Singles Accepted

Travel Requirements

Required by Both if a Couple (one may leave after court)

Adoption Fee Information

Adoption Grant Possible

***If you see ON HOLD this means the child is not currently available for adoption. This status could change so please check back often. Families who have filled out an application with LMI, and famlies who are USCIS, and homestudy approved, always have priority to look at information on the children. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in any of the children on our photolisting by filling out the child info request form or by calling (806) 351-1100