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Foreign Adoption
The International Adoption Handbook
For anyone involved in, or thinking about, adopting a child from abroad, this is an essential guide. The process of international adoption can sometimes seem complex, frustrating, and endless. This step-by-step guide, which provides the necessary hard facts and information - as well as support through the experiences of the author and others - will help smooth the way. After a general discussion of who may adopt and what restrictions may apply, the book goes into the nitty-gritty of what the process entails.

The Complete Guide to Foreign Adoption
Thinking about foreign adoption? Know somebody who is? Warning: the journey is gratifying, but is also long and fraught with pitfalls. This comprehensive handbook has vital facts and in-depth coverage of every aspect of inter-country adoption: what to bring, how to make it through the red tape, and how to prepare for parenting a child who may have special needs. Focusing primarily on Romanian "orphans" but applicable to all overseas adoptions, Barbara Bascom and Carole McKelvey remain consistently positive while describing the very real challenges. It's obvious that these authors know their stuff. After reading this book, so will you.

How to Adopt Internationally
How To Adopt Internationally is an up-to-date, practical, step-by-step guide for "Agency-Directed" and independent adoptions overseas. How To Adopt Internationally is designed for prospective parents and organized around 23 steps that cover everything from learning about the international adoption process and organizing a home study, to fulfilling state requirements, choosing a country to adopt from, working through emigration and immigration, traveling abroad, and adjusting to the new life with a child.

Are Those Kids Yours?
Thoughtful view of total international adoption experience. Recommended reading of this book at the beginning of a journey into International adoption. The book starts with the motivation for international adoption and moves through the stages until Ms. Register concludes with grownup adoptees and their view of the world and themselves. She includes both experiences of over 30 parents and adoptees themselves.

Foreign Adoption-Brazilian Adoption
Rain Forest Girl : More Than an Adoption Story
The true-life cross-cultural adoption story of Diana Miner. Author details her adopted daughter's last few years in her primitive homeland to her arrival in the United States in late 1990. The story is told through the eyes of a child who didn't really understand why her life was suddenly turned upside down. The tale of a little girl beating the odds was composed to capture the attention and imagination of children everywhere--especially those who were adopted at an older age from a foreign country by American parents.

Foreign Adoption-Chinese Adoption
A Passage to the Heart: Writings from Families with Children from China
This book covers all aspects of the China adoption experience to date. Articles by experts form the backbone of the book. The flesh, blood, and life breath come from the families themselves, sharing their hopes, anxieties, and heartaches, their irrepressible good humor, and their intense joy in building families through adoption.

Foreign Adoption-Columbian Adoption
A World of Love
The unforgettable story of one family's journey into the world of international adoption describes the legal and medical battles that occured as the Conroys struggle to adopt three youngsters from the former Soviet Union and Colombia and the unique bonds that are forged in the process. RUSSIAN and COLUMBIAN ADOPTION

Butterflies in the Wind : Spanish/Indian Children With White Parents
The Erichsons adopted their daughters, Tatiana and Rosana, from Colombia. Life was not always easy as everyone adapted to being an interracial family in a white society. Issues of racial identity, which can seem so unimportant in young children, become more relevant as those same children start growing up and dating. This is one family's story of the joys and struggles of international adoption. This book may be hard to obtain, but please try and order! A MUST READ for parents considering interracial adoption.

Foreign Adoption-Honduran Adoption
Carolyn's Story : A Book About an Adopted Girl
AUTHOR: I am an adoptive father of two children born in Honduras. Recently, I was asked to share our family's adoption experience. My nine-year old daughter, Carolyn, and I collaborated on a book about her thoughts and feelings about being adopted from Honduras as a baby. We are sure you ll find it a welcome resource for both adoptive families and prospective adoptive parents.Written for ages 9 to 14, the book also includes a glossary of positive adoption terms, a resources list, and general information about adoption for prospective adoptive parents. Vivid, full-color photographs capture Carolyn's world.

Foreign Adoption-Kazakhstan Adoption
Hello Aibek!
The book chronicles the couple's 25-day trip to Kazakhstan, through Moscow, with flashbacks touching upon poignant passage points earlier in the adoption process. A MUST READ for all adoptive parents interested in adoption travel, and an absolute must for families traveling to Kazakhstan!

Foreign Adoption-Korean Adoption
Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Anthology By Korean Adoptees
"It's the most emotional book I have ever read. It should be essential for everyone who are involved in Korean/international adoption, both adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents, as well as siblings, relatives, friends and professionals." Born in one culture, raised in another--assigned new names, families and identities--thirty men and women write about their experiences of being Korean-born adoptees in America. A MUST READ for all adoptive parents.

I Wish for You a Beautiful Life: Letters from the Korean Birth Mothers of Ae Ran Won to Their Children
This is a collection of letters written by birthmothers living in a maternity home in Korea.These letters are both heart-wrenching and hopeful. The anguish, pain, and emotional suffering of the women is in stark contrast to their joy of just giving birth. Yet, their faith and hope for a bright future for their children is so vivid. It clearly puts into perspective how very real and selfless the birthmother's are. Every adoptive parent should make a point of reading and learning from this captivating book.

Foreign Adoption-Lithuanian Adoption
The Baby Boat
The sad, increasingly familiar story of infertility and longing takes a new turn in this poignant, forthright account of international adoption. The author records in painful detail the many bureaucratic hurdles and emotional challenges she and her husband faced when adopting an older infant born in Lithuania. The distressing circumstances of international adoption--the uncertainty, the endless waiting, the distance--all became unbearable to the couple when their prospective daughter suddenly died. Their gripping story continues with the hope that they will be united with a seven-month-old boy and their subsequent fear when he, too, takes ill. His recovery, their safe trip home, and their joy at finally becoming parents bring to a happy end a fascinating and moving tale of hope and love.

Foreign Adoption-Romanian Adoption
Come to the Window
From the author: This book is about life with a post-institutionalized child. After we adopted our daughter Daniela from a Romanian orphanage back in 1991, I was overwhelmed by all of her unusual special needs. I longed to hear about how other families were coping with their children adopted from institutional settings. I could find very little information. There has been much research since then and there is a great deal more help out there for adoptive families of these children. My book offers our family's journey in helping our daughter.

A Peacock or a Crow
A long-awaited, popular guide to events, policies and cultural influences on Romanian adoption. The authors consider recent Romanian history and the effects of institutionalization on adoptees and adoptive families. They draw richly upon first person narratives, as well as the research findings of social scientists. For those considering international adoption, a special section is included on processes, procedures and expenses. Written in an engaging, first-person manner, the book will be an invaluable resource for adoptive families, those considering adoption, practicing field workers and college courses pertaining to the realities and complexities of international adoption.

She Is Gold, A Romanian Adoption Story
In 1989, when then President Ceausescu was executed, the Romanian people were freed from one of the world's most opressive and backward dictatorships. Westerners became acutely aware of the approximately 100,000 abandoned and orphaned children who lived in horrific conditions in the orphanages of Romania. This book tells of one mother's struggle to adopt a needy Romanian child. She was faced with the difficulties of a language barrier, an unstable post-revolutionary government, foreign laws and customs and a lack of even the most basic of needs. Walk with her through the joys and sorrows and ultimately, the success of this inspiring mission to Romania. This book is one that you will not put down until you read it cover to cover!!! Everyone who has adopted internationally will love this journey and will be touched by the authors words.The author is donating a portion of the sales to our orphan project so please order, your order is greatly appreciated!

Abandoned for Life
If you want a story to grip you, inspire and change you and never let you go, this is the book! The Incredible Story Of One Romanian Orphan Hidden From The World. His life. His words. by Izidor Ruckel, a young man that WILL make a difference in the lives of Romanian children!

Foreign Adoption-Russian Adoption
Adopting Aloysha
A detailed account of Robert Klose's efforts to adopt a son in Russia. So great was his desire to be a parent, that he was able to undergo the long, arduous and expensive emotional roller coaster of foreign adoption virtually by himself. Being a single man greatly decreased his chances of adoption in most countries and proved impossible in others. But he refused to give up.

A World of Love
The unforgettable story of one family's journey into the world of international adoption describes the legal and medical battles that occured as the Conroys struggle to adopt three youngsters from the former Soviet Union and Colombia and the unique bonds that are forged in the process. RUSSIAN and COLUMBIAN ADOPTION

Foreign Adoption-Vietnamese Adoption
This Must Be My Brother
This Must Be My Brother is a remarkable book about the adventures of a partime nurse and homemaker who goes to Vietnam to escort 100+ babies and children back to the United States for adoption, just before the final pull out by the United States. Much to her astonishment she becomes involved one of the largest and most dangerous adoption transports in the history of international adoption - Operation Babylift. LeAnn Thieman shares her adventures with us with charm and captivating honesty. Her descriptions of the events leading up to the flight back via cargo jet with the children is sure to keep you turning pages. Just one warning - I don't think it is possible to read this book without wanting to adopt (or adopt again)!