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The Cuisine of Armenia
"The Cuisine of Armenia" is a truly outstanding volume, full of exciting and easy-to-follow recipes that rely on readily available ingredients and simplified cooking techniques. Not only is it a must for every Armenian household, it belongs in the library of every serious cook. It is hard to think of a book more warmly to be recommended to anyone with the slightest interest in Armenian food and culture.

Bulgarian Rhapsody
Bulgaria is a small Balkan country that gets little attention. On a visit in 1990, however, Linda Joyce Forristal fell in love with both the country and its food. In Bulgarian Rhapsody, she painstakingly presents Bulgarian cooking, placing emphasis on many of its full-flavored and colorful vegetarian dishes, though popular meat dishes are included as well. The Bulgarian kitchen is heavily influenced by Mediterranean cooking, not a surprise since the neighboring Turks occupied it for 500 years. Greece is also a neighbor, along with Romania and Yugoslavia. Bulgarians favor the slow cooking of stews and soups. They use fresh vegetables, particularly tomatoes, sweet red peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes.

Three Generations of Chilean Cuisine
The uniqueness of Chile's geography, stretching along the Pacific Ocean through so many latitudes, has yielded a remarkable array of seafoods and agricultural produce. To these native products has been added a diverse lot of immigrant cooking techniques reflecting many backgrounds. The result is a cuisine unlike any other in the world. Umana-Murray has written an easy-to-follow cookbook that aims to attract North Americans to typical Chilean home cooking. The book offers reproductions of everyday Chilean dishes that don't rely on ingredients unavailable off the South American continent. Recipes here have an unassuming air typical of all good home cooking. Currently a U.S. resident, Umana-Murray recognizes the limitations of North American kitchens, so she suggests practical substitutions that echo Chilean foods rather than rigorously reproducing originals.

Cuisine-Latin America
Fiesta : A Celebration of Latin Hospitality
In Fiesta!, Anya von Bremzen perfectly captures the zest and exuberance of Latin food and traditions along with the joyous spirit of the Latin people. She presents a rainbow of empanadas and other enticing snacks; folksy meal-in-a-bowl soups, such as Colombian Three-Potato Chowder and Brazilian Bouillabaisse; homey yet elegant entrees from Inca Herb-Wrapped Beef to Basque Tuna in Melting Onion Sauce; and--to top it all off--sweets like Caf con Leche Mousse, Caramel-Pineapple Cheesecake, and Peruvian Pumpkin Doughnuts. On special holiday occasions, celebrate with a famous Venezuelan Ham Bread, Portuguese Mint-Crusted Easter Lamb, or Latin Party Roast Fresh Ham with Cracklings.

The Book of Latin American Cooking
From a reader: Full of unique, authentic, well-written DELICIOUS recipes, I have tried dozens of the recipes in this book, from appetizers and salads, to entrees and desserts and each recipe has been a highly pleasing adventure. The dishes are very authentic, and bring out flavors and combinations that are very new to the American palate. I have many cookbooks, and this is by far the one I've enjoyed the most. I plan to prepare every recipe in this book and I look forward to trying Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz' other books. Muy bien!!

A Taste of Latin America : Recipes and Stories
A beguiling blend of delicious recipes, engaging personal anecdote and fascinating historical background. A thrilling insight into the tastes, the life and the culture of Latin America. A unique feature of this cookbook is that the rich and varied recipes are interspersed with entertaining and well-informed anecdotes about the origins of Latin American foods. Poems, diaries and extracts from Latin American novels are also included, capturing the magic of the peoples and cultures behind the food.

Art of Lithuanian Cooking
Here is a Wonderful collection of classic Lithuanian recipes that will be welcome on any table. The author provides easy step-by-step instructions for creating authentic and delicious Lithuanian fare. With over 150 recipes, this cookbook includes traditional hearty Lithuanian favorites like Fresh Cucumber Soup, Lithuanian Meat Pockets, Hunters Stew and Potato Zeppelins.

Old Polish Traditions: In The Kitchen And At The Table
The author(s) describe a period in Polish history, all of which is very informative, and then give you recipes for the foods that were prominent at that time. As a result, you don't get the standard list of Polish recipes, but rather a unique package of traditional food, going way back. A very nice arrangement and very nice recipes. Easy to read (very interesting) and it makes you hungry just reading it. Also note: since it goes back in history, it does ALSO contain those special Lithuanian dishes.

Cuisine-Republic of Georgia
The Georgian Feast: The Vibrant Culture and Savory Food of the Republic of Georgia
Back in Print! New 25th Anniversary Edition! Definitive, clear guide to rich, aromatic fare of Armenia, with much historical & cultural info.375 traditional to exotic, wide-ranging recipes & menus from this healthful Middle Eastern style cuisine. This book will be released May 1999.

Taste of Romania: Its Cookery and Glimpses of Its History, Folklore, Art, Literature, and Poetry
Over 140 recipes, including the specialty dishes of Romania's top chefs, are intermingled with fables, poetry, illustrations, and photos. "A brilliant cultural and culinary history of this little-known country . . . a collection of recipes to be treasured, tested, and enjoyed". A wealth of archetypal material provides a glimpse into the 4,000-year-old history of the Romanian people and their Roman anscestry.

Traditional Romanian Cooking
From the Carpatian Mountains comes the most comprehensive collection of traditional Romanian recipes. This 516-page book, with colored illustrations, offers bilingual titles and search index and metric and English units for 1,296 recipes translated and adapted from the 1966 edition of the most favorite Romanian cookbook.

Russian Cookbook
What a great price for such a wealth of recipes and culture! Over 200 dishes that have delighted the Russian palate for generations. All of the dishes can be prepared from ingredients from your local grocery store. A descendant of the Russian Aristocracy, Kira Petrovskaya collected these authentic traditional recipes from her grandmother. Explore the culinary traditions of Mother Russia.

Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook
Is there more to Russian cookery than beets, cabbage, and sour cream? Please to the Table, a comprehensive guide that takes readers and cooks from the Baltics to Uzbekistan, should absolutely bury that question. Russia alone is bigger than the U.S. and Canada combined; its people claim more than 100 different nationalities and languages. Throw in the other 14 former Soviet republics, cook a feast, and you'll sample everything from Moldavian marinated peppers to cold yogurt and cucumber soup to Uzbek lamb stew to crawfish boiled in beer to open cheese tartlets, Russian tea, and, yes, beef stroganoff--nearly every major culinary style is represented here.

Festive Ukrainian Cooking
Far more than a cookbook it is a definitive account of traditional Ukrainian cooking and culture as perpetuated in family rituals and lovingly celebrated with beautifully prepared food and drink.