Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! ~Lydia Maria Child~
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Children's Books-Adoption and International Adoption
Adoption Stories for Young Children
A great way for children to learn about adoption. Ages 3-8

Lets Talk About It: Adoption
Public television's Mr. Rogers introduces adoption as one way of belonging in a family. In reassuring tones he focuses on the adoptive family, not on the birth parents, but also encourages open communication and acknowledges that difficult issues will arise. Color photographs of three families are an interesting complement to a text that provides a solid base for young children learning about their backgrounds. Ages 4-8

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies
A little Asian boy is scared as he journeys on a plane to the land of his adoptive parents. What will his new life be like? The mother and father he's known only through pictures greet him at the airport and take him to be with them forever, in this tender story of adoption and love. Ages 4-8 Also available in

Over the Moon
A happy, colorful book about a man and woman dreaming of their soon-to-be-born adopted baby, receiving the news of her birth, and flying to the ``faraway place'' where they meet their child. Based on Katz's experience adopting a Central American infant and bright with mixed-media illustrations suggestive of folk art, this is a book for adults to use with children who were adopted in similar circumstances. The message is reassuring: ``Forever and always we will be your mommy and daddy. Forever and always you will be our child.'' Ages 4-8

A Mother for Choco
Choco was a little bird who lived all alone. He wished he had a mother, but who could his mother be? "Just right for the preschool group or beginning reader. Young listeners will be charmed by the book's humor, warmth, and surprise ending. It has a bright charm and friendly appeal. This is a message book, but the message is one that many adoptive parents will want to share with their children. Ages 3-8

Horace, a leopard, is the adopted son of tiger parents. Every night at bedtime Mama tells him how he came to be their child. Horace always falls asleep before the story ends. As Horace grows older, he begins to wonder whether he belongs with his adoptive family. One night he proves his own ending to the story he has heard so often. Full-color illustrations. Ages 3-8

Tell Me Again : About the Night I Was Born
An exuberant story about adoption and the importance of a loving family finds a small child asking her parents to tell her again about the night of her birth, demonstrating that it is a cherished tale she knows by heart. Written beautifully by Jamie Lee Curtis, an adoptive mother. Ages 4-9

Why Was I Adopted?
Celebrating its 20th year in print, this classic provides parents with a tool for helping their child understand the circumstances of their "birth" into an adoptive family. The book explains away much of the initial confusion, instills a feeling of uniqueness in an adopted child, and encourages open lines of communication with the adoptive parents. Full-color illustrations throughout. A must read for all adopted children. Ages 4-9

The Day We Met You
Gathering bottles, formula, diapers, a cradle, a car seat, and clothing, a mother and a father share the joy and excitement of the preparations they make for the adopted child for whom they have been waiting eagerly. Adopted children love to hear their homecoming stories over and over, and this is a perfect book to encourage such retellings. Ages 4-8.

A Koala for Katie
As four-year-old Katie and her parents visit the zoo, Katie wonders aloud where babies come from. She knows that she is adopted and wonders if the baby koala could be happy with a new mommy. This simple, warm story and charming full-color illustrations combine to make the perfect adoption story for young children. Ages 9-12

Adopted and Loved Forever
A young child describes what it means to be adopted emphasizing that parents of adopted children chose them, love them, and will never leave them. Ages 9-12

Adoption Is For Always
A five-year-old girl, Celia, knows she is adopted. But she is confused and angry, and her parents must deal with her many questions in an honest and loving way. Information about adoption a young child can understand is integrated into the text. Ages 4-8

Look Who's Adopted!
Look Who's Adopted is an illustrated book for adopted children at the early-to-middle reading levels. The book explores the different careers and activities that adopted people have undertaken. The book is narrated by Wendel, a turtle adopted by a family of rabbits. The book portrays different career avenues and civic duties adopted children can explore, and introduces them to adoptees who have found success in government, athletics, and other fields. It also includes a place for children to list adopted people that they personally know. Ages 4-9

Lucy's Feet
Lucy's Feet has been called a "zany, yet touching look at adoption." Lucy is a spunky young girl who plays soccer and loves to pirouette at ballet class, but who has some very real and important questions about being adopted. Her family struggles to help her come to terms with some tough (but age appropriate) issues, and ultimately helps Lucy with love, patience, and humor (not to mention red toe-nail polish!) BUT you don't have to be adopted to love Lucy! Ages 4-9

Happy Adoption Day
Noted folksinger John McCutcheon has written a beautifully illustrated book containing a joyful song commemorating the wonderful day when a child joins an adoptive family. Read or sung, the excitement and love of new parents rings through in these heartwarming verses that reassure adopted children that they are wanted, loved and very special. Complete with musical notation, this is the perfect gift for adopted children and their families to share.

Beginnings: How Families Come to Be
Short dialogues tell the stories of six children -- one from a traditional birth family and the others from a variety of adoptive families, including single-parent and special-needs adoptions. Kroll's approach encourages readers to value their own history. The realistic acrylic and pastel illustrations complement the vibrant, affectionate text, which should interest a wide readership.

Little Miss Spider
Vibrant new picture book takes us back in time to the very first day of Miss Spider's life. With brothers and sisters scooting all around, she pops out of her egg. But where is Miss Spider's mother? Kind and caring Betty the Beetle gladly takes on the role. Written in simple rhyming verse, this heartwarming adoption story is sure to please Miss Spider's many fans.

Rain Forest Girl : More Than an Adoption Story
The true-life cross-cultural adoption story of Diana Miner. Author details her adopted daughter's last few years in her primitive homeland to her arrival in the United States in late 1990. The story is told through the eyes of a child who didn't really understand why her life was suddenly turned upside down. The tale of a little girl beating the odds was composed to capture the attention and imagination of children everywhere--especially those who were adopted at an older age from a foreign country by American parents. Ages 9-15

Children's Books-Central America
Over the Moon
A happy, colorful book about a man and woman dreaming of their soon-to-be-born adopted baby, receiving the news of her birth, and flying to the ``faraway place'' where they meet their child. Based on Katz's experience adopting a Central American infant and bright with mixed-media illustrations suggestive of folk art, this is a book for adults to use with children who were adopted in similar circumstances. The message is reassuring: ``Forever and always we will be your mommy and daddy. Forever and always you will be our child.'' Ages 4-8

Children's Books-China
When You Were Born In China
From a reader: I was overwhelmed by the book. It provides the story of China adoptions in precise, direct, but kind language... the way that I would have hoped to have been able to tell it to my own children. The pictures and remembrances brought tears to my eyes and I purchased copies as gifts for our family to help them understand the process and the beauty of China adoptions.

Our Baby from China
From a reader: We will soon travel to China to unite with our daughter. Early in our adoption process, we happened upon this remarkable book. We bought 15 copies and sent them to friends and family. The feedback we received from the recipients of this special gift recognize that this book is a wonderful way to share the joy of adoption of a chosen child from China with loved ones. We recommend it to all - parents of internationally adopted children and the warm and wonderful community of extended family and friends who love them!

An Mei's Strange and Wonderous Journey
The story of an adoption from China. Told in the child's perspective. Beautiful illustrations and the text paints a wonderous picture.

Children's Books-Honduras
Carolyn's Story : A Book About an Adopted Girl
AUTHOR: I am an adoptive father of two children born in Honduras. Recently, I was asked to share our family's adoption experience. My nine-year old daughter, Carolyn, and I collaborated on a book about her thoughts and feelings about being adopted from Honduras as a baby. We are sure you ll find it a welcome resource for both adoptive families and prospective adoptive parents.Written for ages 9 to 14, the book also includes a glossary of positive adoption terms, a resources list, and general information about adoption for prospective adoptive parents. Vivid, full-color photographs capture Carolyn's world.

Children's Books-Korea
When You Were Born in Korea
From a reader: A missing piece of the puzzle for your adopted child. As an adoptive parent of a Korean born child, I know firsthand that she had a life in Korea before ever becoming part of our family. Here is a way to fill in the missing pieces for her. Sooner or later your child will begin to ask questions. This book handles delicate issues in a gentle yet informative way. It's become our gift of choice to people we know who are new adoptive parents.

We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo
Nine-year-old Benjamin Koo Andrews, adopted from Korea as an infant, describes what it's like to grow up adopted from another country.

Sim Chung and the River Dragon : A Folktale from Korea
Sim Chung will do anything to help her father regain his sight--even dare to enter the underwater kingdom of the fierce river dragon. This beloved Korean folktale about a brave and beautiful young girl is perfect for the early independent reader.

Korean Folk Tales
133 page collection of folk tales from Korea. Ages 8-12

Children's Books-Romania
The Christmas Drum (Children's fiction-Romania)
There is a Rumanian tradition of caroling, called colindat. In some villages, the carolers are accompanied by a drum, a duba, that is played only on Christmas Eve for the colindat. Young Peter must take his father's place and play the duba, for the village colindat. Disapproving frowns during rehearsal add to his anxiety, but when Christmas Eve arrives, Peter plays and sings like never before. Watercolors of rosy-cheeked villagers in traditional dress capture the folkloric feeling of the pleasing tale.

Gift of a Traveler
This story within a story has grandmother telling of her youth in a Romanian village high in the mountains. Anica (grandmother) wanders off while her family is fetching the Christmas tree. She meets a stranger dressed in an unusual manner and he helps Anica find her family. He joins them for their Christmas Eve celebration and mysteriously disappears by morning. Anica finds a beautiful present under her pillow and wonders how it got there. The magical and mystical present is now bequeathed to her granddaughter. Also available in paperback.

Lydia, Queen of Palestine
A children's book set during the Holocaust where children are more important than history, more important even than the moral message we are intended to derive from history. For Lydia, World War II is mainly an irritation: she must leave Romania just when she was awarded the lead in her school play. Lydia never stops believing that history should accommodate itself to her needs. Yes, she does learn that sometimes it's easier to accept a compromise or two, but she does so reluctantly and without ever sacrificing her defiant self. For every angry child who ever resisted the horrible fate of being good, Lydia is an inspiration, a role model, and most of all, a friend. Grades 4-6

Voices of Silence
Romania, 1989. It is unthinkable for anyone to criticize the leader of the country. The idea of a revolution is unimaginable to 13-year-old Flora Popescu, but suddenly everything she has taken for granted--her parents, her best friend, her daily routine--has altered. These frightening changes seem to be connected to the mysterious Daniel, who has joined her class. Who is he? Why is he lucky enough to wear blue jeans and eat meat for lunch when everyone else is so poor? Flora's familiar world crumbles around her as she draws closer to the truth. Her father is in great danger. The secret police are coming, and only she can save his life. GRADES 5-9

Ghosts, Vampires, and Werewolves : Eerie Tales from Transylvania
The deliciously dark folktales from the Transylvanian mountains introduce a host of supernatural creatures, from the spirits guarding the gold mines to the ghost of a prince who searches for his murdered fiancée's severed hand. Good usually triumphs in the stories but not before some gory deaths and surprising twists. An appendix of background information on each tale is included. Grades 6-10

The Magic Babushka
Nadia longs to create beautifully decorated Easter eggs, called pysanky, but the intricate patterns are too difficult for her weak eyes. Nadia despairs until one day she rescues Baba Babochka, the ancient butterfly woman. The grateful grandmother grants her one wish and gives her a magic babushka, or scarf. But magic gifts are not always what they seem, and Nadia must learn to rely on her own inner gifts to fulfill her dreams. AGES 4-8

Children's Books-Russia
Babushka's Doll
While visiting her grandmother, Natasha demands that she drop her work whenever Natasha wants anything. When Babushka goes out, Natasha plays with a doll that springs to life. After running around to keep up with the doll's demands, an exhausted Natasha has learned her lesson. The folk-art quality and colorful patterns are perfectly suited to the lively story. Ages 4-8

Bearhead: A Russian Folk Tale
A foundling boy with the head of a bear and body of a human is lovingly raised by a childless peasant couple. Bearhead goes in place of his father to serve the local evil witch and, either cleverly or naively, outwits her at every turn. Kimmel's mix of folksy simplicity and tongue-in-cheek humor invites the book to be read aloud, and Mikolaycak's vivid, lively watercolors are outstanding.

Clay Boy: Adapted from a Russian Folk Tale
Grandpa makes a piece of clay into a boy who jumps up and yells, "I am here! I am hungry!" Clay Boy eats and eats and wants more and more. He gulps down everything in the house, including the geese and the cat and the dog. He gets bigger and hungrier. In one gulp, he swallows Grandpa and Grandma. He walks down the street and swallows the whole village; in one gulp, he swallows a peasant and a horse with a wagonload of hay. He swells bigger and bigger until he meets a clever, little white goat, which takes aim with its horns at the big, fat belly. Turn the page...well we won't ruin the surprise!

The Magic Gold Fish : A Russian Folktale
One day, a poor old fisherman catches an unusual, beautiful fish--a talking gold fish. The gold fish begs the old man to release him, which he does, refusing any payment for this act of kindness. The fisherman's greedy old wife, however, thinks differently. Pushkin's Russian version of the Grimm tale, The Fisherman and His Wife.

Favorite Fairy Tales Told In Russia
Ages 9-12. A collection of Russian Fairy Tales!

The Little Snowgirl
Caterina and Pavel, who want a child more than anything in the world, are delighted when the snowgirl they build comes to life. But is she real? Croll's retelling of this beloved Russian tale is full of the simplicity and charm that make folk tales eternally appealing. Charming Christmas Picture Book!!! Ages 4-9

Christmas in Russia
A book in the series: Christmas Around the World from World Book

Baba Yaga & the Wise Doll : A Traditional Russian Folktale
Ruth Brown's stunning illustrations accompany an extraordinary fairy tale about a little girl who, with the advice of her wise doll, escapes a truly terrifying witch and her slimy, child-gobbling toads. After her jeweled toad is stolen, Baba Yaga devises a series of impossible tests for the little girl. If she passes them, she gets the toad, but if she doesn't the toad gets her. Not as scary as most Baba Yaga tales.

Children's Books-Siblings of International Adoptees
Seeds of Love: For Brothers and Sisters of International Adoption
When my husband and I were preparing to travel internationally to adopt our daughter Anna, I worried about how our four-year-old daughter Carly would handle our extended separation. I looked for, but could not find, a book like Seeds of Love. As a professional writer and editor, I naturally felt compelled to address this void in the children's adoption literature -- and Seeds of Love was born! "A gem to be shared." Adoptive Families Magazine

Children's Books-Ukraine
The Mitten
Grandmother knits snow-white mittens that Nikki takes on an adventure. When Nicki drops one of his new white mittens in the snow, he doesn't even notice it's missing. One by one, the woodland animals discover the mitten and crawl inside, each one larger than the last: a mole, a rabbit, even a big, brown bear! The illustrations and the book design are exquisite . . . a charming lap book to be poured over again and again. AGES 4-8

Rechenka's Eggs
Babushka, known for her exquisite hand-painted eggs, finds Rechenka, a wounded goose, and takes her home. When she's ready to try her wings again, Rechenka accidentally breaks all of Babushka's lovingly crafted eggs. But the next morning Babushka awakens to a miraculous surprise.This is a story that is enhanced by illustrations of Ukrainian painted eggs. AGES 4-8 Also available in audio cassette:

The Bird's Gift: A Ukranian Easter Story
AGES 4-8

Christmas in Ukraine
A book in the series: Christmas Around the World from World Book