We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.
~Mother Teresa~
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Till There Was You - An Adoption Expectancy Journal
An adoption "pregnancy" is not obvious to everyone. It is often without a due date. It is a pregnancy of the heart and soul, not of the womb, which makes it unique and special and not something that should be overlooked nor undermined. It is my hope that this book will inspire you to create your own journal of exploration throughout your "pregnancy" to share one day with the child that grew in your heart.

Parents at Last : Celebrating Adoption and the New Pathways to Parenthood
In the tradition of the bestselling "Sisters" and "Mothers & Daughters", this touching book of portraits and reflections captures the spirit of those who beat the odds to create a family.The personal auto- biographical accounts of the parents are not only enlightening and enriching; they are also poignant and poetic. 35 b&w photos.

Adopting: The Tapestry Guide
This book is a concise and easily understandable explanation of all aspects of adoption. The first section covers the process of gathering information and making decisions. It explains the pros and cons of the different adoption options: domestic and international, agency and independent. It also describes open adoption, types of children available, and how to choose an adoption professional. Section Two provides a step-by-step description of the entire adoption process-from making decisions through the final adoption decree. It gives a detailed explanation, including a checklist, of all the paperwork involved. The last section contains extensive information about adoption resources, including national organizations, books and magazines, and online websites.

The Adoption Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to the Complex Legal, Financial, and Emotional Maze of Adoption
An informative "must read" for families considering any form of adoption as a means to building a family. Includes detailed information and positive affirmations to those embarking on the often tempestuous journey toward adoption.

Adoption-Adoption Poetry
Perspectives on a Grafted Tree : Thoughts for Those Touched
Beautiful and moving poetry collection about adoption. These illustrated poems describe the blend of gain and loss, happiness and pain, which are all a part of the adoption experience. Written by adoptees, birthparents, adoptive families, professionals and others. GREAT GIFT to someone adopting!

Adoption-For Friends and Family
Supporting an Adoption
Adoptive parents agree that relatives and friends can make a difference when a family decides to adopt. Unfortunately, many people's idea of how to help is based on hearsay and quesswork. This little booklet can help. It explains to people how they can be supportive. Recommended by adoption professionals and adoptive parents, this guide is based on the results of thorough research. Extensively quotes actual experiences and comments of adoptive families and includes frank insights to the joys, needs and concerns of both parents and newly-adopted children. For grandparents, friends and relatives, this booklet is candid and fascinating reading. This book is hard to get sometimes but worth the wait!

Adoption-Infertility and Adoption
Adopting After Infertility
People making the decsion to build a family through adoption after infertility must revise and reintegrate the ideas about parenthood that have been forming since childhood. This book explores the losses associated with infertility in a clear way. This book addresses all sorts of questions you wouldn't dare ask Social Services or maybe even your mother: does the amount of pain I still feel about my infertility mean I'm not ready to adopt? Is there something mean or wrong with my character if I don't want to adopt a disabled child? What about adopting across race or culture? What if I adopt and then get pregnant, how can I mix my family in this way? Is love something I can just turn on like a tap for any child, or where do I learn it? This book can help you decide whether to adopt, and give you the courage through the adoption journey.

Adoption-Jewish Family Adoption
Adoption and the Jewish Family : Contemporary Perspectives
Few rabbis have special training on adoption issues, yet almost three percent of today's Jewish families are created by adoption. Adoption and the Jewish Family takes an informed look at the adoption process from a Jewish perspective, and will prepare readers for the many unforeseen challenges that may arise. The first chapter starts with Jewish laws then examines psychological, medical, social and religious wisdom on raising an adopted child in the Jewish community.

And Hanna Wept: Infertility, Adoption, and the Jewish Couple
An excellent overview of the jewish view of infertility. This book covers infertility and adoption from a Jewish perspective which is often hard to find in infertility/adoption literature.

Adoption-Single Family Adoption
Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents
National Council for Single Adoptive Parents' Handbook. This book has information on the mechanics of adoption and coping with single parenthood, plus articles by parents who have raised their adopted children alone and studies by sociologiststhat show the success of such adoptions.

Double Take: A Single Woman's Journey to Motherhood

Adoption-Trans-racial Adoption
Of Many Colors : Portraits of Multiracial Families
Based on the award-winning photo-text exhibit which still travels nationwide, OF MANY COLORS tells the stories of 39 families who have bridged the racial divide through interracial marriage or adotpion. The interviews are moving examples of how mixed-race families contradict stereotypes, challenge racism, and demonstrate that people of different races can indeed live together in harmony. Family members have much to say about the most intimate form of integration: familial love.