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Adopted Child-What To Tell Children
Talking With Young Children About Adoption
A reader's comments: "This is a marvelous book with great information about disussing adoption with young children. Our daughter is just 4 years old, adopted 2 years ago from Russia, and has suddenly been full of questions about her adoption. This book was on my bookshelf, browsed but not really referred to until now. It has been such a wealth of information and support. We have gained much insight into her feelings and emotions from the case studies presented. Every adoptive parent should own this book- you will be glad that you do!" For parents with adopted children from 2-10.

Making Sense of Adoption : A Parent's Guide
From the author of the classic manual Raising Adopted Children, this new guide helps parents anticipate and answer concerns about adoption at every stage of a child's life. Provides many examples of ways to present difficult information in a sensitive manner--sensitive to the child's needs, to the birthparents' struggles, and to the adoptive parents' perspectives.

Dialogues About Adoption : Conversations Between Parents and Their Children
This beautiful book provides adoptive parents with hundreds of real life examples and sample conversations on how to talk to children about adoption.

Adopted Child-Teens, Adolescents and Adoption
How It Feels to Be Adopted
Nineteen boys and girls describe how it feels to be adopted. Both good and bad sides are presented in this heart warming and moving book. Though most of the youngsters in this book were adopted as infants, the stories and photos represent a larger diversity, including inter-racial adoptions and older children adopted from foster care. One of the best books on adoptees!

Adopted Child-Issues of the Adopted Child
Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew
The voices of adopted children are poignant, questioning. And they tell a familiar story of loss, fear, and hope. This extraordinary book, written by a woman who was adopted herself, gives voice to children's unspoken concerns, and shows adoptive parents how to free their kids from feelings of fear, abandonment, and shame.

Twice Born : Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter
A very honest account of a child adopted. Beautifully written.

Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child
The Primal Wound offers keen insight into the personal and inter-relational dynamics of adoptees, their adoptive families, and birthparents. While many adoption books" relate personal stories which are necessarily subjective, The Primal Wound explores the behavioral attributes of adoptees from the broad vantagepoint of personal and clinical obeservation. To read this book is to experience an awakening. It leads the way to understanding the trauma that a child's separation from their mother can cause, and gaining understanding of ways in which to heal the emotional pain involved. The Primal Wound is a "must read" for all who have been affected by adoption!

Being Adopted : The Lifelong Search for Self
Recent studies have shown that being adopted can affect many aspects of adoptees' lives, from relationships with adoptive parents to bonds with their own children. Using their combined total of 55 years experience in clinical and research work with adoptees and their families, the authors use the voices of adoptees themselves to trace how adoption is experienced over a lifetime.

Adoption Wisdom : A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption
Adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents voice their experiences of adoption with honest, direct commentary from the author. A well-balanced book. A must read for those involved in adoption and anyone considering adoption.

The Adoption Life Cycle : The Children and Their Families Through the Years
Adoption has become the subject of intense controversy, yet few reformers have been able to reach a consensus. In this first book to take into account all the issues surrounding the adoption debate, Rosenberg throws new light on what adoption means for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents at every stage of life.

Cross-Cultural Adoption: How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community
Families who adopt children from other countries are faced with myriad questions­from friends, coworkers, family members, classmates, and caretakers alike. If left unanswered, these questions can spawn misunderstanding and hurtful remarks capable of shattering a vulnerable child’s sense of belonging: "She’s not my real cousin! She’s Chinese!" Drawing from their experiences as adoptive parents of foreign-born children, authors Caryn Abramowitz and Amy Coughlin give us Cross-Cultural Adoption, a unique guidebook to help relatives and friends of adoptive families address important questions before everyone gathers around the dinner table.