Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children. ~Walt Disney~
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Now you can help orphans around the world with the purchase of a book from this site! In association with Amazon.com and other authors and other sources, we are able to provide you the most up-to-date information about international adoption, culture, travel, adoption issues, children's literature and more! One ordered book here could put a child on vitamin therapy for several months. Won't you please help the children? It just might be their Little Miracle! Please shop our bookstore for all your gifts. We have wonderful children's books, magazines and adoption specific books. Remember each purchase you make on our site, there is a donation made to our organization to help the children! We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Adopting From Russia, Latin America and China Language and Parenting Guide, CD
This complete language program is specific for families adopting from Russia and Russian speaking countries China and Latin America. You can choose the course you need. Little Miracles International endorses this program and it has been reviewed for accuracy by one of our translators and found to be very complete. The language portion of this booklet includes over 100 phrases and 200+ vocabulary words. These include phrases parents will need for adopting children, terms of reassurance, affection, and positive reinforcement, travel and host family terms. This course is ALL an adoptive parent would need in order to travel to Russia, Latin America and China. Clear and concise pronunciations on the CD, which can be listened to in the car or at home. A well done complete package of language and parenting instruction to ease new parents into the relationship with their new child and provide an easy early communication method. Please purchase this set today!! Great for toddler/older child adoption. Finally someone has put together a language package for just adoptive parents! The author is donating a portion of the sales to our orphan project so please order, your order is greatly appreciated!

The Post Adoption Blues
Where do parents turn when the waited-for bonding with their adopted child is slow to form? When they find themselves grieving over the birth child they couldn't have? When the child they so eagerly welcomed into their home arrives with major, unexpected needs? Until now, adoptive parents have had to struggle silently with their feelings, which can range from flutters of anxiety to unbearable sadness. At last, Karen J. Foli, a registered nurse, and her husband, John R. Thompson, a psychiatrist, lift the curtain of secrecy from "Post Adoption Depression Syndrome" (PADS).

She Is Gold, A Romanian Adoption Story
In 1989, when then President Ceausescu was executed, the Romanian people were freed from one of the world's most opressive and backward dictatorships. Westerners became acutely aware of the approximately 100,000 abandoned and orphaned children who lived in horrific conditions in the orphanages of Romania. This book tells of one mother's struggle to adopt a needy Romanian child. She was faced with the difficulties of a language barrier, an unstable post-revolutionary government, foreign laws and customs and a lack of even the most basic of needs. Walk with her through the joys and sorrows and ultimately, the success of this inspiring mission to Romania. This book is one that you will not put down until you read it cover to cover!!! Everyone who has adopted internationally will love this journey and will be touched by the authors words.The author is donating a portion of the sales to our orphan project so please order, your order is greatly appreciated!

Journey to Jemima
Journey to Jemima "Journey to Jemima" is a 2003 Word Entertainment Film and Video Festival award winning journal-like documentary. This film is meant to allow families to take part in the colorful, blessed journey of adoption. We hope as an audience walks through the process with us, experiencing the life-changing moments and intimate emotions involved, that they themselves might be inspired to take a step of faith in response to the Lord's prompting. Little Miracles International recommends "JOURNEY TO JEMIMA" to families seeking wisdom about adoption, families already in the adoption process for ANY country, families who have adopted and families preparing to travel to pick up their child. You will never be able to shake this adoption travel story from your heart as you see the miracle of a LMI family meeting their daughter for the first time, and the adoption process and bonding that comes alive as you are drawn into this story of faith! This is a courageous, inspirational and breathtaking video that will repeatedly bless your family and friends! You will laugh, you will cry and you will want to watch again and again! This video is a MUST HAVE for those who have been touched by adoption,or those considering adoption. Lori Scott, Executive Director, Little Miracles International, Inc.

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Abandoned for Life
If you want a story to grip you, inspire and change you and never let you go, this is the book! The Incredible Story Of One Romanian Orphan Hidden From The World. His life. His words. by Izidor Ruckel, a young man that WILL make a difference in the lives of Romanian children!

Cross-Cultural Adoption: How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community
Families who adopt children from other countries are faced with myriad questions­from friends, coworkers, family members, classmates, and caretakers alike. If left unanswered, these questions can spawn misunderstanding and hurtful remarks capable of shattering a vulnerable child’s sense of belonging: "She’s not my real cousin! She’s Chinese!" Drawing from their experiences as adoptive parents of foreign-born children, authors Caryn Abramowitz and Amy Coughlin give us Cross-Cultural Adoption, a unique guidebook to help relatives and friends of adoptive families address important questions before everyone gathers around the dinner table.