"Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see."
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Staff Bio
Name: Andrea Jacobs
Title: Program Coordinator

I have had the joy of working with families from start to finish through adoption since 2004. Each and every family teaches me something new about life, and reminds me why this job means so very much to me! I have telecommuted from Chicago to the LMI office in Texas all these years....still no Texas accent!

My husband and I adopted our daughter, Haley, from Kazakhstan in 2003 (adding a son, Mitchell soon after). Immersed in the Kazakh culture for nearly a month, every bit of that trip was life-changing for me. A little boy approached me at the orphanage, and asked if I would be his Mama. That one question.....game changer! So many children wanted what my new little girl was getting: a family. I settled into motherhood, and changed course from paralegal to adoption coordination and education.

Haley is now 12, and Mitchell is 9. They are our lights and our hearts. Neither of my adoption journeys was predictable so my goal is getting you ready for different scenarios as you work toward your child. Based on all of this, I am able to tell you with certainty that the right child will come to your family. Keeping the faith is important. I want to help your family see and enjoy the light at the end of the tunnel!

Please e-mail Andrea if you would like to talk about adoption.