Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them. ~Lady Bird Johnson~
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Staff Bio
Name: Simona Stewart
Title: Founder, House of Angels, Volunteer Director Romania


I attended university in Romania and studied Foreign Languages, International Relations and European studies. I'm fluent in Romanian, French and English. I am currently the president of a Real Estate Company in Bucharest and the founder of the House of Angels Emergency Shelter which is the temporary home of 45-50 children from the age of 0-3 in Dambovita County Romania.

Being born and raised in Romania I have known the hard reality and economic deprivation of Romania orphans for the past twenty years.

I decided to start this project after I first visited a local Romanian orphanage five years ago. I remember the dirty bedrooms with no curtains on the windows, and sad children waiting for the dinner bell to ring. No smile on their faces, no joy in their life. I felt a tiny hand grasping my leg and when I looked down I saw a little boy with his big green eyes wide open saying: “Will you be my mommy, please! I promise I’ll be a very good child.” Any further words need not be said.

Without a doubt, the single greatest cause of the high orphan rate across Eastern Europe today is financial hardship. Far deeper than any financial woes families are used to in the West, the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, and the entire economic structure upon which it was built, has left large segments of East Europe’s population totally destitute. It is from this segment of society’s most poor, where starvation, poor health and no proper housing are common, that most orphans come from.

Cara Bella currently raises funds along with LMI for continuing its unique project, “HOUSE OF ANGELS” aimed at repatriating economically deprived children who have been abandoned in hospitals due to their family’s financial hardship back with their loving families or to find a permanent placement for the child in qualified foster homes run by the state government. As adoptions have ceased in Romania, our project is more important than ever.

Despite an outpouring of worldwide humanitarian efforts to salvage the situation, there are few Romanian-based government and private programs directed at improving the plight of these lost children. Foreign programs, funded with charitable dollars and operating against incredible odds, are losing steam. The children’s plight still draws a trickle of foreigners trying to help Romania’s forgotten children to reduce their suffering as much as possible.

We accept financial donations through Little Miracles International, and they are necessary for our daily work with needy children in Romania. We depend on monthly sponsors for everything we do here.

At all times our children always come first. Their health their happiness and every aspect of their well being. When we have done both of all these successfully, then we know we have done the Lord’s work and our mission, for a brief moment, is complete.

If you can find it in your heart in any small way to assist us with a monetary love gift for the House of Angels, please use the button below.