Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him, we cannot say tomorrow; his name is today. ~Gabriela Mistral~
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Staff Bio
Name: Nina Kalandadze
Title:Communication Specialist, Travel Coordinator, Post Adoption

My name is Nina Kalandadze, originally I am from Georgia which is one of the former USSR republics. We moved from Georgia in 2001, and spent two years in North Carolina before moving to Amarillo.

I have wonderful loving family. My husband works for School of Pharmacy at Texas Tech University. I have two beautiful children, a 12 year old son and a 7 year old daughter.

I graduated from Georgia State University in 1987 with a Bachelors degree in Georgian languages and literature and the Masters in Linguistics. Prior to moving to the US, I worked as a language instructor at Georgian Technical University in the department of Georgian and Russian Languages, Literature and Journalistic. I enjoyed my job very much because we had a different groups students: Georgian,Russian and foreign. We had students from different countries, different cultures and religions, so, there was so much excitement to work with them, and we had a lot of fun together.

Other than working at Little Miracles, I am also teaching Russian language at Amarillo College and volunteer at my son's school, teaching Russian. I also teach Russian to our LMI families ,who have already adopted Russian kids, or are in the process of adoption. It is a joy working with everyone and getting to know each family. We are having a lot of fun and anyone can join us. I think it is very important for adopted children when their Mama and Papa can understand and speak with their mother tongue if possible. Our biggest job and mission is to do everything to make them happy, so, anyone who needs any kind of consultation or help from me, please, feel free and call or email me.

My Job at Little Miracles is the Kazakhstan Program Director. I communicate daily with the Kazakhstan foreign team to prepare for our families arrivals and to coordinate the daily activities and paperwork.

Now I live so far from my country and I miss it very much, but I have found my place here. I have found wonderful people and I work in a very friendly and professional atmosphere, which is great. I love to do my best for this wonderful organization and I am confident that my previous experience, communication skills and my big love for children, will help our families make their dreams come true and also help our Little Miracles in finding their new loving families.

God bless us!!!

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